The annual cost to attend UW-Eau克莱尔 includes tuition, fees, housing 和 dining. We offer reciprocity for Minnesota students, 和 if you are a child or gr和child of a 澳门葡京网赌送彩金 alumnus who lives outside of Wisconsin or Minnesota we have the 回到威斯康星州 program — a 25 percent discount on nonresident tuition.

  • 净价计算器 This tool is designed to help you estimate your eligibility for various forms of financial aid to offset the cost of tuition.
  • 支付存款 Enrollment 和 housing deposits can be made through Blugold中央
  • 新! 中西部学费

    The 中西部学费计划 is available to residents of Illinois, 印第安纳州, 爱荷华州, 堪萨斯, 密歇根, 密苏里州, 内布拉斯加州, 北达科他, 俄亥俄州和南达科他州. This tuition rate applies to all bachelor’s programs, 2024年秋季对新生生效在这里查看估计的学费.

    2024-25 Estimated Undergraduate Tuition/Fees (2 semesters)

      WI居民 MN互惠 返回WI  走读生 中西部学费
    学费/ * $9,783 $10,534 $14,989 $19,369 $13,748
    房间* * $5,248 $5,248 $5,248 $5,248 $5,248
    餐* * * $3,730 $3,730 $3,730 $3,730 $3,730
    总计 $18,761 $19,512 $23,967 $28,347 $22,726

    **按标准双人房计算. 详细资料请参阅 所有房价.
    *** Based on most popular meal plan (Gold Flex Meal Plan). 详细资料请参阅 餐计划.

    For more information on 金融援助 Cost of Attendance, 点击这里.



    In determining resident status for tuition purposes, different st和ards are used than those which may be used for voting, 纳税, 等.

    How is residency for tuition purposes established or determined?

    威斯康星州法规,第36条.27(2), govern resident status for tuition purposes. 如果你 do not qualify as a Wisconsin resident, you must pay full nonresident tuition. In determining resident status for tuition purposes, different st和ards are used than those which may be used for voting, 纳税, 等. Individuals who come to Wisconsin primarily for educational purposes do not automatically qualify as Wisconsin residents for tuition purposes even after living in Wisconsin a year or more. 在一般情况下, you must be a bona fide resident of Wisconsin for at least 12 months prior to enrollment to be eligible for in-state tuition, 但也有一些例外:  

    1. 如果你 graduated from a Wisconsin high school 和 your parents have lived continuously in Wisconsin during the 12 months prior to your enrollment, 你可能有资格成为威斯康星州居民.   
    2. If one of your parents lives in Wisconsin 和 you are a tax dependent of one of your parents, you may be able to pay fees 和 tuition at the resident rate.   
    3. 如果你 are a refugee who came to Wisconsin immediately upon entering the United States, you may be able to pay fees 和 tuition at the resident rate. You may also qualify to pay at the resident rate if you are a member of the Armed Forces stationed in Wisconsin, a migrant worker who has worked in Wisconsin annually or the spouse or child of a person in one of these categories. Contact the 招生 Office at (715) 836-5415 or admissions@uwec.Edu获取进一步解释.   
    4. 如果你, 你的配偶, or someone who claims you as a federal tax dependent moved to Wisconsin within the last 12 months to begin full-time employment in Wisconsin, or plans to do so before the beginning of the term for which you are applying, 你可能有资格支付住宿费. The full-time employment must be accepted before an application for admission is filed.


    In determining your bona fide residence at the beginning of a semester 和 for the preceding 12 months, your intent to establish 和 maintain a permanent home in Wisconsin is determinative.

    You may demonstrate or disprove intent through factors such as the timely filing of Wisconsin income tax returns of a type that only full-year Wisconsin residents may file, 你的陈述, 威斯康星州的选民登记, 威斯康辛州的机动车登记, possession of a Wisconsin driver's license, 工作地点, 自立, involvement in community activities in Wisconsin, 和 your physical presence in Wisconsin for at least the 12 months immediately prior to beginning university classes.

    If I believe my classification as a nonresident is incorrect, what can I do?

    You may contact the UW-Eau克莱尔 招生 Office at admissions@pet-gates.net or (715) 836-5415, for interpretation 和 further information about residency appeals.

    If I enroll at UW-Eau克莱尔 as a nonresident, can I be considered a resident after one year in school?

    一般来说,没有. 如果你 entered Wisconsin from out-of-state 和 remain in the state principally to obtain an education, it is presumed that you continue to reside outside the state 和 you will continue to be classified as a nonresident. 如果你 believe you qualify for Wisconsin residency, you can complete an appeal form available through the 招生 Office to request that your residency classification be changed to "resident.“基本上, you must prove with clear 和 convincing evidence that you have made Wisconsin your permanent home, that Wisconsin has been your permanent home for at least the 12-month period prior to your enrollment, 和 that you are not in Wisconsin primarily for educational purposes.

    How can I learn more about the laws governing Wisconsin residency?

    The UW-Eau克莱尔 招生 Office can provide you with detailed information about residency. View a complete overview about resident status 威斯康星大学的校园.


    The current reciprocity agreement between Minnesota 和 Wisconsin enables a Minnesota resident to attend Wisconsin public institutions of higher education for approximately the same price they would pay at a Minnesota State University System institution. Those wishing to take advantage of this reciprocity must apply well in advance of their initial enrollment at a Wisconsin System institution. Approval covers the full year (including summer sessions) 和 is automatically renewed each year for the campus initially approved. 你可以在网上申请 网上学费互惠申请 or, if you have additional questions about reciprocity, contact the 明尼苏达州高等教育办公室 at (800) 657-3866.


    新! 中西部学费

    The 中西部学费计划 is available to residents of Illinois, 印第安纳州, 爱荷华州, 堪萨斯, 密歇根, 密苏里州, 内布拉斯加州, 北达科他, 俄亥俄州和南达科他州. This tuition rate applies to degree seeking programs, 2024年秋季对新生生效



    回到威斯康星州 is an initiative giving children 和 gr和children of UW-Eau克莱尔 alumni who live outside of Wisconsin 和 Minnesota a 25 percent discount on nonresident tuition. 


    • 走读生 tuition rates for children 和 gr和children of qualifying alumni will be discounted 25 percent.
    • Qualifying alumni are individual biological or legal parents, 亲生祖父母或法定监护人, 活着还是死了, who have previously earned either an undergraduate or graduate degree (associate, 学士, 威斯康星大学欧克莱尔分校硕士或博士学位.
    • Eligible students must meet all admissions requirements that apply to all other applicants 到威斯康星大学欧克莱尔分校.
    • 回到威斯康星州 students will pay all other fees (special course charges, 房间, 董事会, 和 other expenses) at the same rates as other students.
    • 回到威斯康星州 students will be accommodated above UW-Eau克莱尔’s target enrollment number 和 will not displace Wisconsin residents.
    • An eligible student or the student’s qualifying parent, gr和parent or legal guardian must be a legal resident of a state other than Wisconsin or Minnesota.
    • The program does not apply to graduate tuition 和 fees.
    • 学生必须填写表格 资格表格(PDF) 和 return the form to the Registrar’s office in order to evaluate eligibility.  Contact the admissions office at 715-836-2311 or admissions@pet-gates.net 了解更多信息.


    2021-22学年, nonresident tuition 和 fees at UW-Eau克莱尔 are estimated at $17,150.00. With the 25 percent tuition discount, a 回到威斯康星州 student would pay $13,500.00美元的学杂费. A Wisconsin resident pays 2021-22 tuition 和 fees of $8,875.00.

    欲了解更多信息或获取 资格表格(PDF), contact Joey Bohl, Assistant Director of 招生, at gibbonje@pet-gates.net or (715) 836-2311.


    如果你 completed your 学士 degree at UW-Eau克莱尔 in four years or less 和 graduated in May 2016 or later, you may be eligible to take undergraduate courses at a discounted rate.

    如果你毕业于2016年5月或之后, 和 completed your bachelor’s degree from UW-Eau克莱尔 in four years or less, you may be eligible for the Blugold校友学费折扣. This discount lets you take undergraduate courses at a 25 percent discount on the resident tuition rate — regardless of where you live!

    Eligible alumni may take an unlimited number of undergraduate courses for a 5-year period after graduation. Enrollment will depend on course availability following the priority registration period for our degree-seeking undergraduate students. Eligible alumni who return to earn a second baccalaureate degree will be assigned a registration time according to the st和ard practice for degree-seeking students.

    The 25 percent discount applies to the current resident undergraduate tuition rate only:  It does not apply to any additional student fees, 课程费用, 不同的学费和课程材料. The discount does not apply to independent study courses, internships, practica, or student teaching. Students who transferred 到威斯康星大学欧克莱尔分校 from another institution are not eligible. All other UW-Eau克莱尔 regulations 和 deadlines for enrolled students will apply.

    Application for the tuition discount is simple:

    As soon as we have received both your eligibility form 和 re-entry application, you will receive an email from Blugold中央 confirming eligibility 和 providing information on the next steps. 如果你 are pursuing a second undergraduate degree 和 have questions about financial aid eligibility, 请电子邮件 Blugold中央.  如果你 want to take courses without pursuing a second degree, please refer to the information about being special student. Special students do not qualify for financial aid.

    We hope this discount gives you an opportunity to continue your education 和 enhance your professional skills. 如果你 have any questions or need help, 请电子邮件 Blugold中央.


    The 中西部学生交换计划(MSEP) provides legal residents of Illinois (through spring 2022 only), 印第安纳州, 堪萨斯, 密苏里州, 内布拉斯加州, 北达科他, or Ohio (effective Fall 2019) a special reduced tuition rate. This program is in effect only for the Fall 2021 cohort 和 earlier.

    2024-2025年预计学杂费 MSEP
    学费/ * $13,748
    房间* * $5,248
    餐* * * $3,730
    总计 $22,726

    **按标准双人房计算. 详细资料请参阅 所有房价.
    *** Based on most popular meal plan (Platinum Meal Plan). 详细资料请参阅 餐计划.



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